Elina med dentalset سيت فرشاة الاسنان
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Elina med dentalset سيت فرشاة الاسنان
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Elina Toothbrush Complete Care11 pieces: toothbrush with bristles in directions and lengths to ensure a wonderful cleaning of the teeth, and other hand especially for the tongue to prevent the prevention of fungus on the tongue, which causes the smell of unwanted mouth.
Named integrated because each piece contains 11 pieces:
1. Toothbrush with tongue cleaning hand
2. Transparent cover to keep the brush cleaner 1piece
3. dental floss 15m 1piece
4. toothpicks with floss to clean the food residue in places where the toothbrush is not reached 8pieces
It is available in a stylish four-color box, recommended by dentists in Germany.
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